Visitors’ Profile

Visitors at PROTECH are engineers and senior executives at Polish and foreign manufacturing companies. Their role is crucial to the manufacturing process. These are the people who actively engineer and implement new technologies. They are searching for the latest solutions which could be successfully used in their work. The PROTECH Congress is a single event where manufacturers from all the industries can meet at the same time. The Congress aims at establishing a professional forum on engineering solutions, combined with a traditional exhibition. .

Speakers and Exhibitors’ Profile

Speakers and exhibitors at the PROTECH Congress are industry-leading suppliers of products and technologies. What makes them market leaders is using innovative solutions based on extensive knowledge and experience. During the PROTECH Congress, you will be able to establish contacts and share manufacturing experience with engineers, specialists and experts who represent senior management and science circles with regard to: automation and control engineering; robotics; plant maintenance; mechanical and electronic design; and IT for manufacturing operations

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