We are pleased to invite you to the MAINTECH panel. It will be held 26th and 27th October, 2010, in the Regional Business Tourism Centre in Wrocław.

The following issues will be addressed during the meeting:

  • lubricants, oil management, oil testing, industrial filters,
  • driving belts, chains, process fans, industrial vacuum cleaners, machine tool accessories, cutting tools, spindles,
  • machine tool maintenance (plant maintenance),
  • bearings – installation, disassembly, maintenance, bearing condition testing (vibrational detection, thermography, lubricant condition monitoring, etc.),
  • motors, drives, gear motors, shafts, transmissions, couplings, transmission belts, drive belts, conveyors, pumps,
  • infrared mapping, ultrasonic and infrared technologies, instrumentation and control systems,
  • working tools, tool maintenance, tool trucks, workshop furniture, warehouse trucks. 

The panel’s target audience includes:

  • plant maintenance engineers and technicians,
  • mechanics and diagnostic engineers,
  • executives and managers responsible for buying plant maintenance equipment and supplies (e.g. technical directors),
  • IT specialists at large, medium and small manufacturing and distribution companies,
  • engineers managing compressed air and heating equipment,
  •  executives and managers responsible for buying plant maintenance supplies.

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