We are pleased to invite you to the ENERGOTECH panel. It will be held 26th and 27th October, 2010, in the Regional Business Tourism Centre in Wrocław.

The following issues will be addressed during the meeting:

  • power supply and management in manufacturing plants,
  • energy consumption issues with regard to electrical systems and equipment,
  • energy savings resulting from the proper maintenance of compressed air equipment and using the latest solutions,
  • energy monitoring, accounting and distribution,
  • energy-efficient manufacturing techniques,
  • the impact of using proper drives and bearings, as well as adequate lubrication practices (lubricants and oils) on energy consumption,
  • energy audit in industrial plants.

The panel’s target audience includes:

  • electrical and power engineers,
  • engineers managing compressed air and heating equipment,
  • employees responsible for energy purchase,
  • employees focused on implementing new technologies,
  • prospective buyers of new energy technologies,
  • owners or potential owners of water and wind power plants, etc.,
  • suppliers and consumers of geothermal and biomass energy,
  •  power plant representatives

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